Easy to Install

To install a HELIUM you just have to fix it to the surface and connect it to a battery charger, inverter or electronic devices directly. It is designed so that a person can transport, fix, connect and maintain it without being an expert and without requiring special tools.


You can start with a small scale installation, from a HELIUM onwards and over time you can add more as your needs change. A HELIUM is enough to power a light bulb or charge a cell phone, four HELIUMS are enough for a router, you just have to add up as many HELIUMS as needed to cover your demand.n


The HELIUMS can be fixed on any surface, wall or ceiling, no matter the angle. Its design even allows redirecting the solar rays so that the system generates electricity throughout the day. The low weight and the adaptable fixing system allows the HELIUMS to be fixed even on wooden walls or in thatched roofs.